Businesses can NOW donate through the First Responder Processing Program.



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Help us fundraise with our unique credit card payment system.

Save money and support Waco Police Association,
when you switch your merchant services provider.

Waco Police Association is pleased to offer a unique opportunity for businesses to save money on credit card processing while developing ongoing support for the POA. First Responder Processing believes in the vital work of our association. When you choose to save money on your processing with First Responder Processing, they will donate back to the POA a percentage of the profits generated through their First Responder Processing program. The dollar amount is based on your credit card processing volume and will be donated each month for as long as your business processes with them.

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Custom Programs

We work to fit your business’ needs with custom solutions.

First Responder Processing is so confident that they can lower your processing rate, they guarantee it.
If First Responder Processing is unable to reduce the processing cost for a referred business, First Responder Processing will pay your business $500.*
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To learn more about fundraising call (800) 709-6020

First Responder Processing offers a full compliment of merchant processing services for our clients.
Through our First Responder Processing Network, we authorize and settle transactions.

* Two recent merchant statements are required in order to provide an analysis for this guarantee.